Vinyl Fence Installation in Newport Beach

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Vinyl fences have so many benefits you might be surprised. Maybe you're used to traditional wood privacy fences. Vinyl fences have a sense of clean elegance that you cannot get with a wood or metal fence.

There are various features to the vinyl fence that will prove to be a great fit for your Orange County home.  Vinyl fences are incredibly easy to clean.  The occasional dirt build up can easily be washed away simply by using the garden hose to wash it down.  And when things get a little more set in, you can use a low-end power washer to clean off the dirt and restore your vinyl fence to look as good as new. 

two tone vinyl pvc fence Newport Beach ca

Design and Style

There are so many options for vinyl fence design. The standard look is the pure white vinyl fence. However, now we have several choices of colors to choose from. Those colors can also be mixed and matched.

You’ll find that while vinyl fence materials are pre-manufactured there is a great flexibility in the sizes and styles available.  You choose several of the common fence heights.  You can also choose between a full vinyl privacy fence, or a picket fence.  Picket fences are great addition to the front yard, where want to have great lines of sight, and still have way to keep your pet or small child from getting away!

Eco-Friendly Option

Vinyl fencing is the eco-friendly option. Wood fencing will need replacing within 10-15 years, especially if it has not been properly stained and sealed regularly.  So, every 10-15 years, another set of wood goes to the landfill.  Immediately, that’s followed by using more trees to replace it!

Vinyl fencing has long-life and durability.  Vinyl fence installation by Newport Beach Fence Company can easily last your home 30+ years without fading or breaking.  You will have a beautiful, easy to maintain fence that will last you many more years. 


Plan Your Vinyl Fence Install Today!

Give the pros at Newport Beach Fence Company a call today at 949-438-0004.  We will come to your home, show you vinyl fence design options and measure your property.  We will give you a detailed quote for your fencing project, sometimes as soon as same-day!  We will get your fencing project scheduled and you’ll see just how simple it is to work with us!  

No matter if you live in Newport Beach, Costa Mesa, Huntington Beach or anywhere in Orange County, you will find no better fence contractor than Newport Beach Fence Company.